Cleaning Days

We do our best to accommodate you with your preferred cleaning day. Since our team works in specific geographic areas on specific days, this might not always be possible. We will, however, meet your request as soon as an opening in the schedule occurs on your preferred day.

Your cleaning day will fall on the same day of the week each time. Our regular cleaning hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 pm, but will happily make exceptions to fit your schedule. We are closed all major holidays. If your cleaning day falls on a holiday, we will contact you to schedule another day that's convenient for you.

Your cleaning day is guaranteed. If we should ever miss your regular cleaning day we'll return and clean for free! We can't guarantee a specific time of day for your regularly scheduled visits because our travel route can change from week to week.

Contact us in advance with any significant additions to our general service.

Kindly provide notice of cancellation at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled arrival.

Preparing Your Home

In order to provide you with the best possible service, please consider preparing your home in the following manner for your cleaning day:

Remove all clutter from the refrigerator top, countertops, and sink in the kitchen area.

Remove all clutter from countertops in the bathroom areas.

Remove all laundry, toys, shoes etc. from the floor areas.

Restrain pets in a specific area of your home (for their safety).

If you experience any utility outage on your scheduled cleaning day, please contact us immediately so we can reschedule your cleaning.

Please leave a note on the kitchen counter with any additional instructions or concerns.

Due to health and safety guidelines, we cannot clean after rodents and insects or clean-up animal waste.

Access to your Home

Our business hours may periodically require us to have access to your home when you are not there.

Some clients attach a realtor-type box to the front door with a key in it for us to use.

We will discuss accessibility during our initial consultation and will be happy to provide copies of our employee bond and insurance.

Indoor/outdoor window washing

Window cleaning1


Shine Cleaning Service can provide you also a perfect Indoor/outdoor window washing service, besides we are ready to serve your business or home.  Our cleaners are able to provide the superior customer service you expect when in the workplace or the quiet environment of your home.  Remember, we are specialized in cleaning services.


One Time Cleaning

limpa1Shine Cleaning one time cleaning consists of the standard detail 5 star cleaning with emphasis focused on build up.

- Ceiling fan blades (hand washed/wiped)
- Light fixtures (hand washed/not removed)
- Cob webs removed
- Blinds/shutters (wiped/vacuumed)
- Window sills, door frames, woodwork, & molding (hand washed or wiped)
- Baseboards (handwashed or wiped, must be reachable w/o moving furniture)
- Table lamps (dusted)
- Wall Art/picture frames (dusted)
- Furniture (dusted)
- Top of fridge (handwashed)
- Outside of appliances (washed)
- All doors (washed)
- Light switch plates (washed)
- Stove Top (washed & scrubbed)
- All cabinet fronts (washed, empty homes all cabinet drawers wiped)
- Back splash and counter tops (washed)
- All sinks (washed & sanitized)
- All mirrors (washed)
- All bathroom counters & fixtures (washed & sanitized)
- Tub/shower (washed & sanitized)
- Stairs (vacuumed/washed)
- Hard surface floors (vacuumed/washed)
- Carpets (vacuumed)
- Garbage removed and liners replaced

We do not climb higher than a 2 step ladder. Higher items will be dusted with an extension.
We do not move furniture; however we try to reach all visible places with extensions


Shine Cleaning Deep Move in/out cleaning Checklist


move out(Empty home/apartment)

- Hand wash ceiling fans

- Handwash all light fixtures that can be reached with a 2 step ladder
(higher fixtures will be dusted with a extension unit)
- Remove all cob webs
- Dust all blinds/window sills
- Wash all molding, trim, & door frames
- Hand wash all doors
- Wash all light switch plates
- Wash all baseboards
- Vacuum air return vents
- Clean & disinfect all bathrooms (wash all cabinets inside & out)
- Showers & Tubs (cleaned and disinfected)
- All mirrors washed
- Wash all counters and appliances (inside of microwave washed)
Clean inside and out of kitchen cabinets & drawers
Scrub and wash all sinks
Vacuum and wash all hard floor surfaces
Vacuum all stairs
Vacuum all carpets (including closet space)
Vacuum all carpet crevices (where all the dust, bugs, carpet fibers and animal hair collect)
Optional Services offered:
Inside window cleaning (outside first floor only)
Inside of refridgerator
Fire place (scoop out all ashes)
Garage clean up
Bouquet of flowers left on kitchen counter
A selection of air freshners can be left in any designated room

Construction clean up


empty aptShine Cleaning offers an affordable Construction Clean-Up service.

Typically we clean following completion of construction or home renovation.

Ask about our Move-In/Move-Out specials.


clutter and laundry


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